Employee Appreciation Day

Work relationships matter. Often the focus of a message is to be a good employee, and serve your employer as unto the Lord. But our verse today is direction and instruction for employers.

Remember, then, you employers, that your responsibility is to be fair and just towards those whom you employ, never forgetting that you yourselves have a heavenly employer.
─ Colossians 4:1 PHILLIPS

The hope is that all employers would treat those they employ with grace, mercy and love, but that’s not always the case. As followers of Christ and children of God, employers have a duty to treat those in service to them or their company with respect and pay them agreed-upon wages. Why? Because they are not the ultimate authority in their company. They are responsible to God for how they run the business, and they should represent Him well.

You want your employees to love their jobs.

As a leader in your company, you want your employees to love their job. The way to help them perceive their job as “the best job ever” is to create an environment in which they thrive and grow. As you love them as God does, you position them to become the best employees your company has ever had.

Celebrate God in the workplace today by showing His love to those you work with.

Today’s One Thing
Show appreciation to your employees by:
• Praying for them individually (that means also knowing their names).
• Celebrating their accomplishments (years served, promotions, and small successes).
• Taking time to talk to them and learn about their lives.
• Ask God to show you specific ways to bless your employees.

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