Expectation for Your Prayers to Produce

Meredith Andrews, singer, song writer and worship leader, encourages – “You have to pray with expectation. Posture your heart in such a way that you are not living in fear, but in faith.”

Elijah was a person just like us. When he earnestly prayed that it wouldn’t rain, no rain fell for three and a half years. He prayed again, God sent rain, and the earth produced its fruit.

– James 5:17-18 CEB

How often has God spoken to you to believe Him, to trust Him or to pray for a certain result, but then afterwards you had little expectation or no expectation. Instead, you went through your day worrying, still trying to make it happen on your own. It’s something we all lean toward if we’re not actively expecting prayers to produce results.

Elijah heard from God, and he prayed with expectation – truly expecting absolutely no rain. He believed what God had said. Then, when God said it was time for rain, he prayed again and the heavens opened up and poured out much needed nourishment to the earth.

Pray with expectation, even if you don’t see it yet.

Elijah prayed and knew God heard him. He was so convinced the rain was coming, he sent his servant to look for signs of rain seven different times. Even though the servant reported no signs of rain six different times, Elijah never stopped believing because God had said it would be so.

In Meredith’s words, Elijah postured his heart in faith. He believed even though he couldn’t see the rain yet. In his heart, the rain was coming. Elijah’s expectation kept Him looking for God’s intervention until it happened.

When you pray, you set your heart on faith. Challenge your faith, rise with expectation, trusting that what you’ve asked God for, when aligned with His Word, will bring forth the answer – His desired result in your life.

Today’s One Thing

As you pray today, look toward the answer God has promised. Keep your expectation high by speaking God’s promise and looking for it to appear.

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