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It’s a little easier to imagine what the lepers of Jesus’ day went through since we’ve experienced COVID-19. A cough, a fever, a sniffle easily causes someone to wonder if a passerby has it.

When one of [the lepers] discovered that he was healed, he came back, shouting praises to God. He bowed down at the feet of Jesus and thanked him. The man was from the country of Samaria.
─ Luke 17:15-16 CEV

In Jesus’ day, those with leprosy were outcast, often sent away from the community. When they came into contact with other people, the law required them to identify themselves as “unclean” or contagious.

Thanking God allows you to learn more about who He is and why He loves you so.

Sometimes leprosy would go into remission. If a leper thought his leprosy had gone away, he could go to the priest, who could declare him clean. He was then able to return to society (Leviticus 14).

Jesus told the ten lepers to present themselves to the priest before they were healed. They responded in faith by trusting that when they arrived, they would be healed, and Jesus healed them on the way.

Jesus healed all ten of them, but only one came back to say “thank you!” When the man returned, he learned his faith played a part in his healing.

It is possible to receive from God and do so ungratefully. Your Heavenly Father doesn’t require you to thank him, but it pleases Him when you do so.

Today’s One Thing
What has God done in your life lately? Instead of thinking about a big blessing, consider the little things – food on the table, clothes on your back, family and friends who love you. Give God 15 minutes today filled with gratitude. Don’t ask for anything … just thank Him.

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