Faithful Strength Training

When you push against the strain, toward the right thing, you become stronger.

Endurance produces character.

 – Romans 5:4 ESV

Strength training strengthens your muscles. It can be achieved by exerting your strength against something else. Whether it is dumbbells, a kettlebell or your own body resistance while doing pushups or planks, you become stronger by straining under pressure. Pushing against something, or resistance, helps build muscle mass and improve your bone health. This strength doesn’t happen after doing these exercises once. It requires repetition.

So it is with growing strong in Christ. Whatever goes against what must grow in you becomes the resistance you need to push against. 

  • When you are faced with doing the right thing, but it’s difficult and you do it anyway, you build strength. 
  • When you are hopeless, but you hope in God, your refuge, your faith grows stronger. 
  • When it’s hard to love, and you love anyway, your Christ-like love grows stronger. 
  • When you feel like giving up, but you keep going, your perseverance becomes an inspiration to others. 

The next time things get rough, it will become a bit easier to keep moving forward. You will be stronger because the repetitious exercises build your faith.

If you keep pushing to do what is right, to exercise God’s good, you will become strong in the Lord.

Do you want to become powerfully strong and trust in the faithfulness of Christ? Look for the challenge in what God wants from you, not the easiest path. Grab ahold of the resistance “weight” and push through to do the right thing. 

Today’s One Thing

Choose to do the challenging and stretching thing that will bring you closer to the mightiness of the Lord.

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