Getting Along with Family

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.
— Romans 12:18

The word family might conjure thoughts of warm hugs, good times and great memories. Or thoughts of family members might bring up fear of another big argument, disappointment, rejection and bad memories.

Planning summer picnics and vacations might remind us that we must forgive, get along with and please those difficult members of our clans. Scripture reminds us to live in peace, and that peace is not achieved alone. We can and should do all that’s possible to keep harmony with everyone we interact with, but we cannot control other people. We can’t stop every disagreement or make every other person smile.

Let’s choose to not feel guilty when someone else causes friction with us. Let’s choose to be content when we put forth our best efforts. We can take steps to do our part toward peace.

Let’s compliment each of our family members. Look for something good to praise in each individual, and be ready to forgive people whose words are barbs. Understand that those hurts come from a heart without peace.

The best thing we can do for the hurting and unhappy in our family is pray for them. Let’s ask God to replace their anger and pain with love, not because it helps us but because it’s what God asks of us.

Today’s One Thing

Ask Jesus to fill your heart with peace and help you think of one positive attribute about each person in your family.

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