God Pleads the Causes of Your Soul

O Lord, You have pleaded the causes of my soul [You have managed my affairs and You have protected my person and my rights]; You have rescued and redeemed my life!

─ Lamentations 3:58 AMPC

Abby stood on the front porch, tightly clutching her kitten, Snickers, to her chest. She watched with gratitude as the firefighters packed up their gear, climbed back into their truck and quietly drove away.

She turned and walked back into the apartment, making sure the front door was closed tightly before letting Snickers jump out of her arms. The house was quiet, except for the heavy pinging of the rain on the windows.

She reflected on the way she felt as she watched the fireman call to Snickers, stranded in the tree, trying to convince her that his arms were a safe place out of the storm. Like Snickers, she held God at a distance for years, reluctant to come out of the storm and into His loving arms. She felt most of her family had failed her; she had a hard time trusting anyone.

But God … He relentlessly pursued her and eventually, cold, wet and tired of the troubles in life, she let go and fell safely in His arms.

Let the words of Lamentations 3:58 rain softly on your soul. The Lord your God “pleads the causes of your soul” as keeper and protector. He stood between you and the accuser, fought your case in heavenly court. He rescued and redeemed you.

Today’s One Thing

Demonstrate your love and appreciation to God this week by sharing what He’s done for you with others. Tell your story in whatever way He leads you. Ask Him to show you who needs to be encouraged by what He’s done for you.

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