Stand Together for Your Blended Family

Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?

─ Amos 3:3

It is absolutely essential in a blended family to stand together. Think about making a smoothie. We have those people who are ice cubes in our families, and there’s always a few nuts too. Unlike bananas in our blenders, the ice and nuts don’t blend so well.

When high stake relationships blow up, such as relationships in blended families, it can be painful. In the United States alone, 42 million Americans are in a blended family. There are forces at work trying to destroy marriages. Being able to stand arm in arm, refusing to allow the stress of the world to push couples apart is absolutely essential. We’ve got to be willing to address the main issues, stand together, compromise and come up with one game plan. Without it, we lose.

When we take time to discuss the challenges we may face as a couple, it prepares us for the hurdles ahead. It helps us to anticipate possible confrontations and agree on a plan before problems with our children and family members arise. The strength we find in those discussions give us the courage to step back when unexpected situations arise and respond as a team. When we’re able to respond as one, in agreement, it strengthens our relationships and often helps the family blend come together more smoothly.

Today’s One Thing

If you’re in a blended family, discuss some things that would help you stand stronger as a couple. Take time to pray together about those things.


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