God Surprises

You will guide me with Your counsel, And afterward receive me to glory.

Psalm 73:24 NKJV

Do you like surprises? Some people do all they can to avoid them, while others embrace and celebrate them – at least the good ones. Good or bad surprises catch us off guard, and the element of surprise can cause positive and negative feelings to arise at the same time.

What about God surprises? God interrupts our lives in many ways to get our attention. He brings up an old memory, a special praise song you haven’t heard in years and it takes you back to a place in Him. Maybe He connects you to a new friend and your eyes are open to new things He wants you to experience. Once or twice in a lifetime, it’s a divine moment in time that sets you on a path that alters your destiny forever.

A burning bush caught Moses’ attention (Exodus 3). The fact that it didn’t burn up captivated him, and he stepped closer to inspect it. Imagine Moses’ surprise when God called his name from within the bush. Surprised by the supernatural and expected, he stood ready to listen to God and accept His counsel.

Today’s verse in Psalm 73:24 is a promise that God will lead you in His wisdom and as you follow Him, He’ll bring you into His glory. What unexpected God surprises await you?

Today’s One Thing

When was the last time you experienced a God surprise? How did you use your faith to join God on the journey? How did He lead you to unexpected places? Share your story with someone today and encourage them. You never know how the path you have traveled will impact someone else’s life.


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