God, Your Vindicator

For you have maintained my just cause; you have sat on the throne, giving righteous judgment.

— Psalm 9:4

Reagan’s father was grieving the loss of his mother, and now her father’s five siblings were fighting over who would get Grandma’s house and possessions.

“Dad,” she said softly, “why didn’t you stand up to them and fight for the things you wanted? Are you really going to let Aunt June have all the furniture you made?”

Her father held his hand up. “Those things are all just things. I’m not going to sacrifice my relationships with my brothers and sisters. I’d rather have them in my life than those things.”

A few weeks later, Raegan stopped by her parents’ house and found the curio cabinet her father had made for Grandma—as well as several other pieces of furniture he’d long admired in his mother’s house—standing in the garage. “What happened? Did you call Aunt June?”

Her father smiled. “Sometimes you don’t have to say a word, and God works it all out for your good.”

God is a true and just judge. And when we honor Him with our actions, we will see His blessings and rewards in His timing. When we trust His perfect will, we’ll gain peace and joy even in times of waiting. His rewards may not look exactly as we expect them to. They may be so much better.

Today’s One Thing

Write down a grudge or struggle you’re holding onto today. Ask God to vindicate you and to give you the patience to wait until His perfect timing.

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