Greater Expectations of Faith

Faith comes from listening to this Good News—the Good News about Christ.

─ Romans 10:17 TLB

Faith is one of the five essential areas of life that we need to be intentionally growing and improving. But when we get overwhelmed with all that we want to change, the enemy often tells us that it’s not even worth starting.

Do you believe God can do anything? Do you believe His miracles can truly happen in your life?

Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing God’s truth. Your expectations of what God can and will do for you develops within your heart as a result of how well you trust Him to do what He has promised.

Sometimes we are hesitant because we don’t know the truth. We entertain negative thoughts and give voice to unbelief. Don’t let that kind of discouragement – that lie – get in the way of deepening your faith.

Jesus said, “all things are possible to those who believe” (Mark 9:23 NKJV).

The Good News is that Jesus Christ has given us three simple but powerful things we can do daily to grow in our expectations of faith in Him:

  • Spend time with Him in prayer.
  • Read the Bible to learn more about His character and nature.
  • Let Him build your faith by remembering the times He has been faithful in your life and in the lives of others.

Today’s One Thing

Sharing stories of God’s faithfulness builds expectation of God’s goodness for your future. Take time today to remind yourself of a time when God was faithful in a difficult situation. Share that story with someone special and celebrate the growth you experienced as a result.


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