Guided by God to Bless Others

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

— Ephesians 4:32

A woman rushed to the counter and ordered a kid’s meal. But when the cashier gave her the total, her head drooped and she sucked in air to hold back tears. She said, “I’m a little short.”

A man behind her pulled out a dollar and handed it to her. Tears slipped down her cheeks, and she said, “Thank you. I don’t deserve this. I was in such a rush since my husband is in the car with our little one who is so hungry that I raced past you.”

The man smiled, “It’s fine. You looked a bit frazzled, and I’m not in a hurry. I always ask God to put someone who needs a blessing in front of me. Today that’s you.”

It would have been easy for the man to become angry or ignore the woman’s plight. But a small kindness after an offense shows forgiveness and opened the door for him to let her know that he’d been praying for her—before he even knew her. It was a small act that made a big difference.

When we pray for an opportunity to bless someone else, we’re intentionally seeking God’s direction. We must be aware of those around us and let God soften our hearts so that we’re slow to react with anger or impatience. By doing that, we’re showing God’s love to a stranger.

Today’s One Thing

Pray for God to place someone in your path you can bless today in a small way. It might be through a kind word, a compliment or a helping hand.




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