Hard-to-Love People

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

—John 15:12

Nora chose a seat, anxious to hear the speaker. A lady sat next to her and began chattering.

“Hi. I’m Linda. Aren’t you excited to be at this conference?” Nora nodded. Linda whispered all during the talk. Nora decided to move to a new seat after lunch, but Linda found her. She tried to escape for a few minutes of peace to the restroom but Linda followed.

In the restroom Linda spoke loudly about the great morning speaker and wondered how the next one could ever compare. A sweet woman smiled and said, “Well, I’m praying she’ll be good enough.”

Back in their seats Nora cringed when the sweet lady stood at the platform as the afternoon speaker. Linda laughed and whispered, “I put my foot in my mouth this time.”

Nora offered a half smile. Linda sure knew how to get on a woman’s nerves.

After the conference, Linda began calling Nora. At first it was once a week. But pretty soon it turned into a daily call. Linda was always upbeat and kind, but Nora was getting tired. Finally, one night she prayed, “Lord I know I’m supposed to love Linda, but I can’t seem to. Please help me see what You see in her.”

The next morning Nora learned that her husband had lost his job. Still reeling from the bad news, she almost dismissed Linda’s call. But at the last minute, she answered and discovered that Linda’s cheerful voice and sympathetic ear actually made her feel better. She started to realize that Linda could always find the positive side of things. Linda could laugh at mistakes and find joy everywhere. And Nora needed more of that in her life.

When we ask, God is faithful to help us see those around us with His eyes and to remind us that each are made in His image.

Today’s One Thing

Ask God to show you what’s loveable about a person you struggle to love.


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