How to Hear God’s Direction

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.

— Isaiah 30:21

Morgan and her fiancé Kent sat quietly on the swing on his parents’ front porch continuing to share about their relationships with God. Morgan had previously told Kent she had invited Jesus into her heart when she was seven years old, but God had been her friend from her earliest childhood memories. Her parents were powerful people with big careers and little time for her. She remembered often being left with an aunt, friend or babysitter. She felt like she grew up on her own, without parental support.

“Often left alone, I talked to God,” Morgan said quietly when he asked about her rocky relationship with her parents. “I always had a sense that God was with me, leading me and reassuring me. I really never felt alone.”

Kent smiled, encouraging her to continue, and she did. “Oh, there were definitely bumps in the road, like any relationship. Once I just stopped talking to Him. I wasn’t even sure He was there. Other times I selfishly put my own plans first and did things my own way. But He always stayed close and loved me unconditionally.”

Kent nodded. “I get that. There have been times I thought He stopped talking to me, but later I realized my own voice was too loud for me to hear Him.”

Most of us have had times where we couldn’t hear God’s direction. And often it’s our own voice that is drowning out God’s instructions. Sometimes we’re too busy asking for something to hear a gentle reminder to give of ourselves. Maybe we’re insisting on going in one direction, but God has a bigger, better plan for us in another.

God created each of us to have a relationship with Him. And part of that relationship is knowing when to listen. In order to hear His directions, we must be still and quiet. We must ask Him to share with us. God is faithful to direct our steps if we will first be still before Him.

Today’s One Thing

Spend ten minutes in quiet time with God. Calm your thoughts. Hold still. Ask only that you would hear God’s direction for your life.


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