Hit the Refresh Button

Everyone who trusts in him is freed from all guilt and declared righteous—something the Jewish law could never do.

─ Acts 13:39 TLB

Hit the Refresh Button

How many times have you hit the refresh button on your computer to reload a page? Maybe you arrived at a page, and it wasn’t working properly or it refused to load. But once you hit the refresh button, you found what you were looking for.

Forgiveness is like hitting the refresh button. Whatever mistakes were made, or errors came about in your life can be made new through forgiveness.

Our verse today promises every single one of us who trust in Jesus Christ are freed from guilt, immediately put in right standing with God. It doesn’t matter what your past looks like. It’s not about where you’ve been or the mistakes you’ve made. Through relationship with Him you are made new.

And He doesn’t expect perfection. It’s not about following a list of rules, but about building a relationship with Him. As you get to know Him and experience the unconditional love of the Father, you will want to please Him.

So, if you are looking for a new life, come to Him. Hit the refresh button today.

Today’s One Thing

Ask Jesus to come into your heart today. Download our free ebook, Really Live! It’s a great resource for knowing more about hitting the reset button. If you already know him, pray for someone you know today that needs to know they can hit the refresh button at any time along the way.

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