Honor the Father – Remain Holy

God’s will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin. Then each of you will control his own body and live in holiness and honor.

─ 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 NLT

Affection is an important part of our human condition. Most people don’t set out to have inappropriate relationships outside their marriage. Many times, when an affair occurs within the church, it happens around spiritual intimacy. A woman finds more intimacy with a man at church than with her husband, who shows no interest in spiritual things. The connection happens innocently.

In our verse today, Paul cautioned us to stay away from all sexual sin. We are to imitate the Father, and because He’s holy, we too should strive to be holy, set apart for Him.

When we are hungry, we’ll eat almost anything. If there are needs in our life not being met within the marriage, we’re vulnerable. And it’s in that vulnerability that problems occur. When we’re hungry – or starved for affection – we focus on what we don’t have. Focusing on what we don’t have is coveting. We forget about what we have, and we’re not thankful for the family, the healthy friendships, or the spouse we’re married to. It’s easy to start to point out flaws in them and compare them to others.

A person goes outside their marriage when there’s ingratitude toward what they do have, and they’re coveting what they don’t have. Those are two steppingstones that lead us to inappropriate unhealthy relationships outside a marriage.

Today’s One Thing

Choose one of the following ways to show gratitude and affection to your spouse or those you care about today:

  • Slip a love note into their lunchbox, briefcase or purse.
  • Drop by their office with their favorite drink and leave it as a surprise.
  • Text a short thank you for their presence in your life.
  • Shower them with hugs, kisses and quality time in the evening.

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