In the Darkness, Appreciate the Light

Have you ever fallen and immediately jumped up and looked around to see who saw you? You may have felt embarrassed, like the whole world was standing to the side laughing and celebrating the darkness as you struggled to find your way through. 

The enemy of your soul certainly wants you to believe that to be true. 

Don’t laugh at me, my enemies. Although I’ve fallen, I will get up. Although I sit in the dark, the Lord is my light.

– Micah 7:8 GW 

James Clear wrote, “The brilliance of the stars would be invisible without the vast darkness of space behind them. Do not wish away the difficult portions of life. They provide the contrast needed to appreciate the joyful moments” (Clear, Atomic Habits, 2018).  

Let your seasons of darkness fuel your heart with gratitude for God’s saving Light.

We all have tough times, whether the hardship is the result of consequences from our own choices or the pain caused by something someone else has done, the Lord offers His light. God is always faithful. 

You can show great faith as you – 

  1. Wait with patience on the Lord to respond to your cries for help.
  2. Trust with confidence that God hears you and will save you.
  3. Rise up and follow Him when He begins to guide you through the darkness.
  4. Believe God to defend you with His justice in the presence of your enemy.

Allow your thoughts of God’s faithfulness to rise up in your heart. Remember the times when you sat in darkness and He brought you out to the light. Be thankful for the difficult seasons. They fuel your heart with gratitude and appreciation for the goodness of God and His gift of salvation.

Today’s One Thing

Look at the four steps of how you can show great faith during difficult seasons. Identify where you are in this season of life. Are you waiting, trusting, rising up to follow or believing God to defend you? Perhaps you’ve come all the way through and are in a place of celebration. Take time to thank God today for your journey and give Him praise for His faithful, guiding Light. 

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