In the Safety of His Shadow

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

— Psalm 91:1

We see pictures all over the Internet. They capture our imagination and warm our hearts. A mother bird sheltering her young beneath her wings during a storm. A father catching his son as he tumbles off a bed. A mother duck who will not leave her trapped duckling. Portraits of parents protecting their loved ones.

These images make us feel safe and protected and reflect the Father who provides an everlasting security for us in life and in eternity. The author of Psalm 91 probably would have appreciated these types of pictures. After all, he filled his lines with imagery of protection and security.

While fully surrendering to the Lord is not simple or easy, the rewards are compelling: an unending love and shelter, a refuge we can rely on for safety and rest.

The frantic nature of our lives can be overwhelming. Demands come from all directions, and we can become desperate for rest. Hard times and tragedies can blindside us. But just as we would do anything possible to protect those we care about, God will do the same for us. When we live in His shelter, we can rest in His shadow. He will always be there for us.

Today’s One Thing

Take action to make someone in your life feel protected and think about how much more security God offers both of you.


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