Jesus Carries the Burdens with Tasha Layton

“Never underestimate someone’s rock bottom,” Christian singer and song writer, Tasha Layton told Family Life Radio.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

– I Peter 5:7 NIV

When Christian singer and song writer, Tasha Layton, heard the heart-wrenching stories from some of her listeners relating to her songs, she was overwhelmed and burdened. She worried as she tried to go to sleep at night.

Tasha began releasing to Jesus the burdens she was carrying. This gave her peace and even excitement looking forward to what God is doing through her music.

Letting Jesus carry the burdens of others allows them to meet God in a special way.

Instead of carrying the burdens of others or attempting to fix the challenges facing them, Tasha has learned to give them to Christ. When your loved ones are in a tough place, that is when God meets them in a way only He can. “Don’t take that from them,” Tasha admonished.

What burdens do you need to lay down and trust Christ to carry? He knows best how to provide for you and your loved ones. He cares for you, and He sees the needs.

Today’s One Thing

Talk to God with your hands open in surrender about what you have been carrying that is not yours to shoulder. Tell Him you trust Him to work in ways He deems best.

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