As Stacy was taking her elementary-age son Brandon to school, he asked, “Mom, what does abundance mean?” Stacy pondered the question while she made sure her eyes were carefully watching the road as she pulled up to the school.

She responded, “It’s when there is more than enough of something or a large amount of something.”

Brandon replied as he got out of the car, “Do you mean like Mimi’s mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving?”

Stacy smiled and said, “Yes,” as Brandon shut the door and ran into the school.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
─ Matthew 6:33 ESV

It is natural to believe the sun will appear from the east every morning, and there will continue to be enough oxygen to breathe as you traverse through your day. Even on cloudy days, there is enough light and oxygen to thrive. Why do we take these things for granted? Abundance! There is so much that we seldom give it a second thought.

Abundance is having more than enough.

Having more than enough is knowing you have an abundance. Others will know the fruits of the Spirit in your life when you are generous with your possessions, and you kindly give.


  • time
  • money
  • clothes
  • food
  • kind words
  • and smiles …

are simple demonstrations that you recognize the Lord’s blessings in your life, and you desire others to benefit from your abundance.

God wants His children to have more than enough so others can be blessed. A seed of Christian love is planted when you generously give to others. While you may not be sharing grandma’s mashed potatoes, the items the Lord has blessed you with, regardless of quantity, will bless others.

Today’s One Thing

As you enter your prayer time, ask the Spirit to reveal the things you can give to others. Generously sharing your possessions and talents as the Lord leads acknowledges your thankfulness for your abundance and desire to seek God’s kingdom.

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