Just Believe

“Jesus answered them, ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.’”

—John 6:29 

Trust and believe. Those must be two of the hardest words regarding our faith. In everyday life, we are surrounded by demands for “proof,” and challenged by people who won’t accept anything that they cannot empirically demonstrate. Popular culture offers up alternative beliefs and demands to know what would make one faith better than the other. Sometimes we can feel bombarded.

But we have to set much of this aside in our quest for a closer relationship with God. At its very heart, our faith is not about what other people say. It’s not about proving anything to other people. It’s about what we—every one of us—choose to believe and how we trust in what Scripture tells us. Because at a foundational level, trust and belief are choices we make. Not because of what’s been proven to us but because we decide to follow God and what His Word says.

Stories of miracles and astounding personal transformations are wonderful. But most of God’s children will never experiences those. Instead, they lead daily lives that may seem ordinary—except that they choose to walk each moment with Jesus. They go to church, help their neighbors, and live their faith in every interaction.

Everyone has doubts and moments of weak faith. But when we choose to believe that God sent His Son for us, we can build a strong and lasting faith.

Today’s One Thing

Call a friend and ask about doubts the two of you may have. Decide how you can help each other with Scripture and prayer.



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