Just Breathe

For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish.

─ Jeremiah 31:25

More isn’t always better. We fill our schedules until they are overflowing with things to do. As the commitments pile on and we deceive ourselves, believing one more thing in our day won’t hurt, we often push past our limits. Suddenly and unexpectedly, we tilt and reach overload. Stressed out, we begin to respond negatively or simply shut down because we were not created to go, go, go, all the time.

Throughout the Bible, God encourages us to rest.

  • He promises to make us lay down in green pastures and to lead us by still waters (Psalm 23:2).
  • He encourages us not to be anxious (Philippians 4:6).
  • He instructs us to come to Him when we are tired, and our burdens are heavy (Matthew 11:28).
  • He set an example for us by resting from His work on the seventh day of creation, and He commanded us to have a day of rest each week (Genesis 2:3, Exodus 20:10).

December is an exceptionally busy time of year, with Christmas shopping, holiday gatherings, school plays and the list goes on. Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is absolutely nothing more than to take a moment out of our hectic schedules and just breathe.

Today’s One Thing

Look at your schedule this week and carve out time to unplug with some quiet and alone time to recharge.


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