Keep Your Heart Protected

Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see;
Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see.
For the Father up above is looking down with love;
Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see.

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.
─ Proverbs 4:23 ESV

In the above children’s song and in Psalm 33, you learn of the Father’s unwavering love and all-seeing power. Nothing can be hidden from Him, yet He has given you the authority to make good decisions in what you see, how you communicate, what you do and where you go.

Be attentive to items that can nurture and persuade you. By guarding your heart, you protect your mind and emotions from entanglements that can interfere in God’s plans your life. What flows from you is based on the things that you allow to influence you.

The Father provides a fortress of protection surrounding your heart and emotions when you focus and pray to Him.

  • Allowing nonsensical thoughts to run wild in your mind is not healthy, especially when you create stories by filling the empty space with made-up ideas. Easily done – not healthy, and not what the Lord desires for you.
  • Trusting and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in your daily actions will keep you safe.
  • The Lord desires to protect you from all evil.
  • He wants to protect you from any enemy attempts to distract you from Him and loving others.

Keep your heart and mind protected by focusing on God and the things He has called you to fulfill. You are not to blame for the distractions vying for your attention. You are wonderfully made with a creative mind.

Today’s One Thing

Meditate on God’s Word and the personal interaction you have with Him. Notice the calmness that comes as you focus on Him.

  • Go back and read the Psalm 4.
  • Pray to God and ask the Holy Spirit to alert you when unhealthy, nonsensical ideas run through your mind.
  • Replace distractive thoughts with prayer.

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