Lean into God’s Strength

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

─ Psalm 73:26 ESV

“I can’t breathe,” Loren gasped, falling into Justin’s arms as they watched seven-year-old, Kyle, their only grandchild, wave goodbye to them from the back seat of his father’s SUV. She felt her husband’s chest heave beneath her head as he struggled to support her.


They sat together on the couch in the living room with the lights off and the television muted for what seemed like hours. No words passed between them, but they each knew the other’s thoughts. How could this happen? Kyle had spent the last four years under their roof, and the last two years they’d been his primary caregivers after his mother, Susan, lost her battle with cancer. Then suddenly, his father reappeared, claiming his rights to be his dad.

The sun fell behind the ridge, and the room turned dark. Justin stood up and moved across the living room. He turned on the lights and made sandwiches for the both of them. “How can you eat?” Loren asked him. “We may not have the strength to move forward within ourselves,” Justin said. “But God has always taken care of us, even through all Susan endured. We will continue to trust Him completely. Even when we don’t have strength, we can lean on His – just as you leaned on me when Kyle waved goodbye.”

Loren nodded, agreeing with him in spite of the lump in her throat. “God has a purpose. We can’t see it now, but we have to believe eventually we’ll know and understand. Until then, He is our strength and hope.”

God’s strength has no limits. He provides us with His strength physically, spiritually and emotionally, giving us hope for every challenge we will ever face.

Today’s One Thing

Lean into God’s strength today and let Him carry you through the difficulty you’re facing.

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