Let Jesus Be Your Light

Charlie’s grandpa (Charles) was reading to him one night before bedtime when the crack of thunder shook the entire house. They looked at each other with amazement and quietly said, “Wow.”

Grandpa looked at Charlie and said, “Nothing to fear. God must be bowling, and He just made a strike.”

Charlie smiled at Grandpa’s quirky explanation and waited to hear more of the story. Moments later, another crack of thunder occurred, the lights went out and the room became pitch dark. Grandpa reassured Charlie everything would be okay, as he went to get a flashlight so they could finish their story.

Charlie was by himself momentarily until Grandpa returned with the flashlight, or at least that’s what Charlie thought.

Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
─ John 8:12 ESV

New beginnings start with accepting the surroundings and circumstances of life and realizing you are not in control of everything. The good news is, God is the light, and in Him there is no darkness. He gives light in life’s darkest places, giving stability during the most unstable times. Nothing is more powerful than the Lord, not even darkness or the situations that make us feel all alone. The light of the world is Jesus Christ, and He provides light for all believers to share, especially to those who don’t know Christ or live in the world’s darkness.

Christ believers are transformed into a new person with a light to share. By listening to the Holy Spirit and reading the Bible, you can share the Good News and help eliminate darkness for others.

Thunderstorms come and go, but the Holy Spirit is always with you. Like Grandpa Charles in the story, he knew where the brightest flashlight was located, and he wanted to share that light with Charlie so they could finish their story. Your story isn’t done, and the real Light is always with you – keep it turned on.

Today’s One Thing

When you provide good deeds for others, shine your spiritual light so others can see the love of Christ through you.

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