Maintaining the Right Doors

 I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved.

— John 10:9 

 When Nehemiah oversaw the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem, he made sure he did one task himself. He set the doors. This was more than the final touch. It signified securing God’s Holy city to protect it from enemies. The hanging of the doors also reflected rebuilt lives and restored hearts.

After we sin, we rebuild our relationship with God by asking for forgiveness, which restores us. Then we need to make sure the door of our heart is in proper position. We need to make sure the door can open to God yet lock out the enemy.

As a wise leader, Nehemiah also knew that after the wall was restored, it needed to be maintained.

We need the same. With the vigilance of prayer and Bible study, we appoint the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as our gatekeeper. With the fellowship of other Christians, we sing praises to God, trusting that joy in our hearts helps maintain the peace of God.

Jesus called Himself the door, and He invites us to enter through His door into the safety of eternal life. Christ maintains peace within our hearts despite our circumstances when we enter through the right door.

Today’s One Thing

As you go through doorways today, pause and pray for God to guard the door of your heart.


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