Make Room for God

You will be glad you took time to spend with God.

O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more. – Psalm 10:17-18 ESV

In this fast-paced world, where there is always information available, your thoughts can become full from morning until night. Especially with the Christmas season upon you and so many people to remember and bless, how do you carve out time to hear God’s thoughts and be in His presence? As a child of God, your soul craves this.

Your soul craves time in God’s presence.

Not everyone is able to get up at 4 a.m. to have some quiet moments with God before the hustle and bustle of the day sets in. If you do not have a plan, it is probably not going to happen. Some ideas to carve out time to pray and read His Word are:

  • Read your Bible while you eat breakfast; pray specifically while you commute to work.
  • Listen to the Bible while you drive.
  • Read your Bible while the baby naps.
  • Spend time with God on a park bench or as you take a walk during your lunch break.
  • Close your office door at lunch time, read your Bible and pray.
  • Read God’s Word at night before going to bed. Pray as you crawl into bed before falling asleep.

Ask God to show you what works best for you. God, the Creator, has the best ideas! Keep trying or you may find yourself like Julie, working in a Christian school office and clinging to the Bible verse that was read every morning over the loudspeaker. She was starving for God’s Word and had to find time to spend alone with Him.

Today’s One Thing

Pray and ask God to show you your best plan to read your Bible and talk with Him daily. Do not give up if you miss a day or two. Get back at it, or try a different plan if your circumstances are changing. 

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