Meet the Need in Front of You

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

─ Hebrews 13:16

Paul Crowell, an animal lover since birth, felt compassion and concern for the hungry, homeless dogs – and their homeless owners – that he came across each day on the streets of his city. He knew he needed to do something, so he committed to feeding the homeless pets in his community.

Quickly dubbed the “Doggy Food Man,” Paul gathered food, from local restaurants and stores that they would normally throw away and delivered it to the pets that lived on the streets and in the homeless camps around San Francisco.

Paul started a GoFundMe account to support his mission, which eventually grew into the non-profit organization called Project Open Paw. In 2018, Crowell estimates he handed out 30–40 bags of food a week, costing about $10 each. The dog’s owners also look to Paul when a dog gets sick or a puppy needs shots. Paul’s love for dogs and his mission to care for them has translated into a heart for people living on the streets of his city. He has learned the dogs give their owners, often in desperate situations, a reason to keep on keeping on.

Paul saw a need and took action. He didn’t wait for someone else to do something, but instead, did what he could to make a difference by simply meeting the need in front of him.

Today’s One Thing

Take a look around your life today and see who has a need you could meet.


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