Never Leave Your Faith at Home

 I pray that as you share your faith with others it will grip their lives too, as they see the wealth of good things in you that come from Christ Jesus.

─ Philemon 1:6 TLB

“I don’t hide my faith,” Kristin shared with her friend, Katy, “but I don’t draw a lot of attention to myself about it either. Most people know I’m a Christian.  For a while, I was concerned that I wasn’t doing all I should do, to share my faith.”

“But?” Katy questioned.

“The other day one of my coworkers came by my desk and asked if I would pray for her little boy who was having trouble in school. So, I took her hand and prayed for her right then. A few days later she said he was doing better. Today two other coworkers came and asked me to pray for them.” Kristin smiled, “I must be doing something right.”

There are different beliefs in sharing your faith at work. Some believe you should be obvious and outspoken; others feel you should live your faith quietly in front of others. The verse today encourages you to share your faith in such a way that it impacts their lives because they see the good things in you that come as a result of your walk with Christ.

Refuse to leave your faith at home. God will open the doors of opportunity for you to minister as you follow Him.

Today’s One Thing

Here are some ONE THINGS you can do to share your faith:

  • Live your life knowing that others are watching.
  • Do your best to show others what it means to live an intentional life in Christ.
  • Show your commitment to God daily.
  • Practice your commitment to God consistently by doing the next right one thing.
  • Difficulty reveals the best (and worst) of our character. Remain determined to keep your Christian witness strong in the face of adversity.



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