Open Doors and Open Hearts

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

─ Mark 16:15

Scarlet Hiltibidal went to a neighborhood nail salon in hopes of having more presentable hands. She paid little attention to the condition of her hands before adopting her deaf daughter, but realized they needed serious attention when she began to wave them around in order to communicate in her new, hand-centered community. Joy, her precious, adopted daughter, was born without ears, can’t speak and is Chinese. This led her to the nail salon near her home.

Once she walked through the doors of the salon, she found God-given opportunities to share Jesus with a population that had never heard of Him. The blunt questions about Joy from the curious Vietnamese salon staff were not offensive to Scarlet. They asked questions like:

  • Is she Chinese?
  • Is she your daughter?
  • Did you adopt her?
  • How much did she cost?
  • Why can’t she talk?
  • Why didn’t you adopt someone normal?

Scarlet saw the look on their faces, they were sincerely shocked that she chose freely to add an Asian child with special needs into her healthy, happy Caucasian family. Following God’s path for her life led her to a culture unacquainted with God’s truth. Their questions gave her the opportunity to reach into their world, the way Jesus reaches into ours.

Today’s One Thing

Ask God to help you recognize the doors He opens for you to reach others for Him today. Then courageously and boldly go into your world and share His Good News.


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