Prayer, Your App for Spiritual Navigation

At the beginning of your pleas for mercy a word went out, and I have come to tell it to you, for you are greatly loved. Therefore consider the word and understand the vision.

─ Daniel 9:23

Turn left. Turn right at the next street. Make a U-turn ahead. Avoid the accident up ahead.

We know the voice. We may even have selected it specifically for its dulcet tones. A British gentleman. A soothing Southern drawl. A screaming teenager we can’t ignore. Whatever voice our navigational app takes, we listen to it. And we know the consequences if we don’t. Most of us have ended up late, lost and feeling downright lousy. And it was all because we didn’t listen to that little voice.

Prayer is pretty similar. It serves as a navigation app for our spiritual lives. Communication with God opens our hearts to hear from heaven and recognize the best routes to take—and those to avoid.

When things don’t come together in the way and timeframe we expect, it can be tempting to think we haven’t been heard. Maybe God didn’t understand what we were asking. Maybe He didn’t realize how important our request was.

But we can rest assured that He did and He does. He knows our hearts and hears our every cry.

Constant communication with God guides us toward right decisions that help us fulfill His purpose. It also reminds us that His timing is perfect. And because He loves us so much, we can trust that His plan is perfect.

Tap in and turn on your spiritual navigation daily. It’ll keep you from ending up spiritually late, lost and feeling downright lousy.

Today’s One Thing

Is there an answer you’re waiting on? Have you become discouraged about getting a response? Reignite your faith through prayer and trust that His answer is on the way.



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