Purposefully Different Parenting

“There is hope for your future, declares the Lord, and your children shall come back to their own country.”

─ Jeremiah 31:17

Children often ask why they aren’t allowed to do something that “everyone else is doing.” When we choose to raise our kids according to God’s standards, it can be difficult to point them away from the things of the world without them feeling like they’re missing out. Yet, we know it’s vital to do things God’s way to experience the future He has for our families.

We are to be bold in our parenting, believing our children will experience God’s promises. We can expect them to be set apart and purposed for Him. When we choose to make the tough decisions by saying “no” when other parents say “yes,” we are diligently guarding our children’s hearts and minds. We can choose to set high standards for our households.

If you’re a parent, God gave your child to you. There is hope in knowing that He’ll help you raise them. He’ll use your hands to guide them in the way He wants them to go. You have His wisdom and discernment in how to handle the challenges you face. You can trust that His words on your lips are just what their hearts need to hear.

The reward of purposefully different parenting is God’s promise of a future in Him for your entire family.

Today’s One Thing

If you’re a parent, have a conversation with your child about why you purposefully parent differently than other parents. If you’re not a parent, ask God how you can pray for those in your life who are parents.



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