Pursue Life Passionately

What if you knew and believed you could not fail at anything you attempted? What would you do? Would you try harder and risk more? Would you audition for a theatrical play? Would you start your first, second, third or fourth business? Would you hike the Grand Tetons?

Risk tolerance and confidence are different for everyone. Naturally, some items require specifications you must have, but many other items you clearly can pursue and engage in the opportunity. What’s holding you back?

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
─ Hebrews 11:1 ESV

Faith includes a firm belief and confidence in things coming to fruition. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, then you are a child of God. As His child, you get to experience an unexplainable awe as you grow in your relationship with the Lord and discover His magnanimous and supreme power and authority. You can leave the unproductive, disengaging and apathetic things of life and pursue the things God designed specifically for you to achieve and experience.

You are God’s child, and He wants you to pursue life passionately.

If you are lulled into complacency and allow apathy to strangle you, the blessings the Lord has waiting for you to experience may be hindered or slowed down. The Holy Spirit was given to Christ’s followers to guide you and lead you when you pursue Him with all your might.

The enemy does not want you to pursue goals or ambitions cultivated and given to you by the Lord because he knows that your relationship with the Lord will become stronger if you pursue the Lord’s plans and directions.

Today’s One Thing
Ask the Lord to help you prioritize your busy life according to His guidance and reveal the achievements He wants you to experience. Live life abundantly, without fear or anxiousness. Ask Him to cut the bondage of apathy and fear from you, so you are no longer a slave to them but are God’s child freed from the enemy’s tactics.

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