Reflective Dip – Get Alone with God

Try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord.

─ Ephesians 5:10 ESV

The most common emotional dip we experience, a reflective dip, is really asking this question:  What’s next for me?  Reflective dips happen when there’s a change in one of the four other essential areas of life: health, finances, relationships and work.

The biggest problem with a reflective dip for people who are highly reflective is you can get stuck. It’s like a cul-de-sac, you’re going around in a circle reflecting on the same thing. After the reflection, there should be a point of decision, and then action toward the next stage of life, which isn’t always easy.

If we stop during those reflective times, and really ask God two questions: 1) Is what I’m experiencing right now caused by a lack of purpose? or 2) is this reflective dip caused by a lack of passion?

The proposed questions really direct us to answer, am I really fulfilling God’s intention in my purpose of being on this planet? It takes you back to our verse for today: to figure out what pleases Christ and do it!

If you’re going through a reflective time in your life, seek God’s intention for your life.

Today’s One Thing

Set aside 30 minutes this week to unplug from the world, shut everything off and really spend time with God. Choose your favorite quiet place, take your Bible, add in your favorite worship music, enter His presence and then just listen to Him.


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