Relationships are Important

Steadfast and secure relationships are a stabilizing force in our lives. Building and cultivating those relationships takes time, effort and commitment. 

Think about a few of those relationships in your life that you cherish. As joyful and safe experiences resonate in your mind, you begin to recall special times with your friends, colleagues or family members. You probably remember the time well spent cultivating these specific relationships through tough and happy times. Jesus also cultivated deep relationships with others.

Jesus wept.

─ John 11:35 ESV

The words above are recognized as the shortest verse in the Bible. This verse exemplifies the significance of building personal relationships, and it demonstrates the impact relationships can have on emotions. While there are many inquisitive questions concerning the above verse, Jesus’ emotional state was interwoven with the individuals involved with the death of His friend, Lazarus. As a result, Jesus was “deeply moved” (v. 38 ESV), and He took divine action to bring resolution. 

God created you to experience healthy, deep and strong relationships with others.

One of the beauties of this passage is seeing the Lord, who has ultimate authority and power, willingly demonstrate emotional connectivity to His friends. Deep relationships are essential in your life, and they require many resources to be strong and supportive. God created you to experience healthy, deep and strong relationships with others.  

You were made in God’s image, and He has placed a meaningful space in your well-being for healthy and positive relationships. He desires you to cultivate and invest your resources into others and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in developing healthy, deep relationships with select individuals. 

Today’s One Thing

Read John 11:1-44 and pray. Ask the Lord to bring to your attention the individuals He wants you to spend your time, energy and emotions with, cultivating healthy relationships.

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