Safely Sheltered

The Canada Jay, smaller than other jays but considered a large songbird, weighs approximately 2.5 oz with a wingspan of 18 inches. They are accustomed to harsh weather since they nest in the northern latitudes in late winter. On a very cold, winter day, it is not uncommon to find a parent jay with their wings feathered like an umbrella over her babies.

He will spread his wings over you and keep you secure.
─ Psalm 91:4a CEV

If a bird shelters her young from the cold winds and freezing rain, how much more does your Heavenly Father desire to shelter you? Our verse today is one of many promises to you confirming He will protect and keep you in the shelter of His wings.

You can always depend on your unchanging God.

God’s shelter is the safest place to live as we journey through this life. With the constant decline in values, morals and laws, as well as economic and social instability, you can always depend on stability and security in your unchanging God.

A nice job and a cozy home are blessings, but no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Choose today to shelter under His wings by putting your trust in Him alone. Relationship with Him is the only security that can’t be taken from you.

Today’s One Thing
Invest in your relationship with God today. Open your Bible and read Psalm 91. Carefully note how God is your shelter and safety. Get alone with Him today and thank Him for covering you and keeping you safe.

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