Savor God Thoughts

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

─ Isaiah 26:3

Generally, most of us avoid the foods we dislike, and may even eat more than our fair share of the flavors we truly enjoy. What if we applied that same logic to our thoughts?

Life doesn’t always fill our plates with circumstances that cause us to choose the most positive thoughts. Without the Word of God, we can become discouraged and doubtful, allowing negative thoughts as to what could go wrong. Most of us are naturally inclined to worry – dwelling on the what ifs – instead of thinking God thoughts.

Just like we refuse to eat those foods we don’t care for, we can also refuse to think thoughts that are contrary to what God’s Word says about us. When we’re tempted to think negatively about ourselves or a situation we find ourselves in, we can reposition our thinking. We can go to the Bible and find the hope we need by uncovering what God’s Word says about our circumstances.

For example, if we tend to be critical about our talents or abilities, we can search scriptures that define who we are in Christ. As we read those scriptures, His truth is planted on the inside of us. This is how God sees us. This is how He thinks about us – and what we should think about ourselves too.

Today’s One Thing

What do you find yourself worrying about right now? Make a list of what the Bible says about that topic and then rehearse God’s thoughts until you begin to think more like He does.


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