See God at Work with Ben Fuller

Do you find it easier to focus on the bigger picture and overlook the small details that surround you? Ben Fuller, a contemporary Christian music artist who has overcome addiction through faith, suggests that paying attention to the small details can help us recognize God’s influence in our lives.

“The kingdom of heaven is like what happens when a farmer plants a mustard seed in a field. Although it is the smallest of all seeds, it grows larger than any garden plant and becomes a tree.”

– Matthew 13:31-32 CEV

Ben said, “Seeing Jesus in the small things … that’s where Jesus shows up for me.” By being mindful of these details, we can see how God is working together in our lives and feel His influence more strongly.

Take time to see Jesus in the small things, and He will show up for you.

Take time to reflect on the small moments and being fully present in the moment to notice the beauty around you. By keeping a journal or notebook of these moments and reflecting on them regularly, you can see patterns and connections that point to God’s work in your life. As you take note of the small interactions you have with others, the colors and textures of objects and the beauty in the natural world around you, you too will see Jesus show up for you.

By being diligent and attentive to the small details in our lives, we can achieve greater success and witness God’s handiwork in and around us. Recognition of your progress can help to reinforce your faith and provide hope for the future.

Today’s One Thing

Make notes about the little things and share them with someone on a daily basis. Take a quick video or send a text to them. By paying attention to those minute details, you will begin to see even more how God is working in your life.

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