Seeing with Right Eyes 

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment. 

─ John 7:24  

After a late holiday shift at the department store, Amber hurried to her car, taking careful steps to make sure she didn’t slip on the snowy walkway. She was so focused on reaching her car that she didn’t realize hers was the only one left in the mall parking lot. And the snow had built up around her tires while she’d been at work.  

She quickly got into her car, started the engine to warm it up and tried to pull out of her space.  

Nothing happened. Her tires only spun, the snow too slippery to gain any traction. She checked her cell and let out a big sigh. Her phone battery was dead again, and the mall was completely dark.  

Suddenly she looked into her rear-view mirror and saw four looming figures. What could young men be up to so late at night in a dark parking lot? Their dark silhouettes filled her with dread, and she quickly checked to make sure that her doors were locked. Trying again to pull out of her spot, she spun her wheels a few more times.  

The knock on her window made her jump, and she looked through the glass into the face of a young man.  

“Ma’am, are you all right? It looks like you’re stuck.”  

Amber nodded. “I am.”  

“Okay. You stay in the car. We’ll give you a push.” 

 She could hardly believe her eyes as the four young men lined up behind her car and pushed her free of the ice and snow. Feeling guilty for her snap judgement, which had been so wrong, she cracked open her window and asked if she could pay them for their help. They waved her off and disappeared into the snow. 

 Most of us are guilty of misjudging people. We often assume the worst or fail the look beyond the surface. But Jesus challenged us to look deeper and to judge with discernment. When we do, we become more like Him.    

Today’s One Thing 

Who in your daily encounters have you overlooked or judged based on appearances? Look for one way to show them love today.  


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