Set a Better Pace

“Be silent before the LORD, all humanity, for he is springing into action from his holy dwelling.”

─ Zechariah 2:13 NLT

Set a Better Pace

Have you ever heard someone say life is moving at “breakneck speed” and wondered where that term came from? If you look at the design of bicycles in the late 1800s, pedals were located on the front of a large wheel. If the rider was forced to stop suddenly—perhaps they fell into a rut or got something caught in the spokes — they would immediately be propelled over the front wheel and land headfirst. Such a crash could mean a broken neck, which justifies the term.

We often feel like the pace at which we move through life is not within our control, but it’s totally our decision as to how fast we live and how we participate. We can slow down, take intentional breaks and rest.

Our verse from Zechariah encourages us to be silent before the Lord because He is at work. When we choose to become silent before the Lord, it usually requires us to settle in, breathe a little slower and relax on purpose.

It’s freeing to take back your schedule. Stop overcommitting because you don’t want to disappoint others.

Today’s One Thing

Purposefully choose a slower pace this week. Schedule quiet moments throughout your day to breathe deeply and slow down.

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