Solitude and Prayer

Your solitude with the Lord can be discovered in a multitude of places. It is your place of peace, free from disruptions or distractions. Perhaps you discover your aloneness with the Lord in your closet, on a beach, in your car, in the mountains, at your desk, in your comfy chair, in the hills, in your backyard or on the floor. Your quiet place with the Lord is wherever you declare and where you are free from distractions, or at least the fewest disruptions. 

But [Jesus] would withdraw to desolate places and pray.

─ Luke 5:16 ESV

Imagine a child, who played, running around the house with his toys and imagination. When he got tired, he simply stopped in his tracks, lay on the floor and fell fast asleep. One to two hours later, he was up and going again. Such childhood revitalization and energy are inspiring.

Similarly, you may find yourself hard at work, solving problems, taking care of family and executing life’s many routines, only to find yourself exhausted once your mission is accomplished. Naturally, being physically or mentally tired after hours of task-accomplishing pursuits is normal. While you may or may not receive any recognition for your accomplishments, the Lord wants to give you rest and peace so you can be reenergized. 

Spend alone time with the Lord so He may give you rest and rejuvenation. 

The Lord cannot be confined to a closet or a comfy chair. He is with you wherever you go. Jesus went to various locations (hillside, desert, mountain and garden) to have His alone time and prayer with the Father. 

Your solitude and prayer time with the Lord is an important variable in building your relationship with the Almighty Creator to rejuvenate, receive direction and become stronger in your walk. 

Today’s One Thing

Schedule a day and time where you can be still and know the Lord (Psalm 46:10). A place of solitude and prayer is important. 

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