Speak Life to Others

Since we have such a hope, we are very bold.

─ 2 Corinthians 3:12

Danny, home for a few days from college, and his father, Richard, stood outside grilling burgers for dinner. “So, who influenced you, Dad? Who mentored you the most?”

Richard looked up from the grill and smiled. “Uncle Teddy saved my life. He dragged me to church when I was a kid. He loved me in spite of my defiant choices. He told me who Jesus was and why I needed Him in my life. He boldly told me the truth when I started to make some bad decisions in high school. And he loved me unconditionally through the tough times. No matter where I went, he picked me up and pointed me – again and again – toward God.”

“I wish I remembered Uncle Teddy, but I don’t,” Danny confessed. “Mom says you are a lot like him.”

“I am grateful he was such a strong and powerful voice in my life. When I stepped off the path, he not so gently encouraged me to get turned around. He encouraged my faith. He shared his own struggles and failures openly and it helped me to have realistic expectations about my relationship with God and others. He taught me that God is a promise keeper, and that I should be faithful to others when I give my word. I would not have the successful life or the loving family I have today if he hadn’t spoken the truth in love to me all those years ago.”

Danny smiled. “Dad, thank you for being that bold voice in my life.”

Today’s One Thing

Who is God leading you to speak life to today? Open your heart boldly and speak into someone’s life today.


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