Speak Life

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.
— John 6:63

Holly put her arms around her friend Jenn and held her as she wept. Finally, Jenn looked up and said, “I wish I’d come to you sooner. I just didn’t think you’d understand. You and Dean seem to have a perfect marriage.”

Holly smiled. “Honey, if I’ve learned one thing over 20 years of marriage, it’s that no marriage is perfect. Every couple faces obstacles, and every person has stuff. The devil, the adversary of your soul, wants to isolate and immobilize you. He starts looking for ways to damage your heart and ruin your relationships from the moment you’re born.”

“Well, he was almost successful in destroying my marriage. I didn’t realize I was speaking so harshly to Dean. I hope it’s not too late.”

Holly gently dabbed Jenn’s tears with fresh tissues. “The Spirit of God living in you speaks life. Listen for Him. Wait for His words before you respond to Dean. Try not to react when he does something that upsets you. Instead respond according to the Holy Spirit living in you.”

Words have the power to hurt and to heal. They can tear us down or build us up. How we speak to others, especially those closest to us, matters. And it reflects our relationship with God. If we’re walking closely with Him, our words will be filled with life. If we’ve allowed a wedge to separate us from Him, our words may be short and unkind. Let’s let the Spirit of God within respond for us in difficult conversations.

Today’s One Thing

When the opportunity arises this week to react, take a deep breath and ask the Lord how He’d like you to respond to the situation. Then follow His prompting.

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