Spring Peepers

Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen; he is not here.

—Mark 16:6

As winter ice begins to melt across North America, small frogs—no bigger than an inch—are the first to emerge. These tiny amphibians are called Spring Peepers. Their songs fill the chilly air with constant noise, a chorus announcing the coming of spring. It’s as if they’re celebrating the end to the dark days of winter and inviting others to join. These seemingly insignificant frogs are willing to believe the promise of spring.

In Mark’s account of the Resurrection of Christ, Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, and she was so excited about His return that she couldn’t keep quiet. Like a Spring Peeper, she ran to tell those in mourning the good news. But they did not believe her. Why?

Mary Magdalene was a woman with a past. Although Jesus had freed her of her demons, others were slow to trust her. Although some thought her insignificant, Mary viewed herself through the eyes of her Savior. The cleansing blood of Jesus Christ made her bold, confident and joyous.

Like a Spring Peeper, she couldn’t help but sing a chorus of celebration and invite others to join her. God used an insignificant creature in the eyes of the world to announce the most important news ever.

If you’re feeling overlooked, insignificant or forgotten, let the blood of Jesus free you from bondage. He is risen from the dead. Winter is over. New life has come. 

Today’s One Thing

Choose one of the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection story. Read how Jesus entrusted the news of His victory over death to those who society shunned. Thank Him for making you significant in Him.

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