Stable Assurances

G-pa watched as his seven-year-old grandson, Kayden, excited about his first opportunity to go fishing with his grandfather, loaded up G-pa’s fishing equipment and his brand-new fishing pole. Off to the lake they went, where G-pa kept his flat-bottom aluminum boat tied up at the dock. Upon arrival, G-pa placed the equipment in his boat, untied it and held it for Kayden to get in. As tears ran down Kayden’s face, his joyful anticipation turned into fearful apprehension. Grandpa realized Kayden had never climbed into a floating boat. G-pa calmed Kayden, entered the boat first, assured him of the boat’s stability and held Kayden’s hand as he stepped into the boat.

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
– John 8:31-32 ESV

Like Kayden, you may be engulfed in a situation with your emotions pulling you to and fro, and from a distance, it seems terrifying. There are times in which you need assurance during a moment when you need more experience and trust. The emotional experience you are feeling is real and should not be denied. However, you can replace those emotions with assurance from God’s Word by trusting Him to guide you.

Lack of experience or past struggles may cause your unstableness and lack of assurance. The key to finding the truth is to turn completely from sin, trust in the Lord’s guidance and pray for the Lord to strengthen you as you align yourself with His Word and seek wisdom.

The Bible and the Holy Spirit are the stable assurances you need constantly.

The assurance Jesus offers is spiritual freedom from the bondage of sin and enlightenment to seek wisdom. When you turn from sin and wholeheartedly read, memorize and pursue God’s Word, then sinless apprehension will turn into trusting in the Lord and hearing the Holy Spirit lead you.

P.S. Kayden and G-pa had a wonderful time together. You too can experience peaceful assurance when you incorporate trust in the Lord and allow Him to direct your steps.

Today’s One Thing
Ask the Lord to set you free from sin and replace it with an overwhelming desire to read His Word and trust in the Spirit’s guidance.

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