Staying Green

The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. . . . They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green.

— Psalm 92:12-14

It was a weekend when parents flocked to the university campus to watch their almost-grown children perform in yet another student production. And afterward the local restaurants were packed with groups of parents, students and friends. In one particular restaurant, three close families had come together to eat and laugh as they always did on such weekends.


It was during this meal that the call came. An elderly friend of all three families had passed away. Immediately laughter turned to stunned silence and quiet crying. Tears flowed down the faces of young and old. They shared comforting embraces. Every person there felt the painful loss of this dear friend.

Their friend—despite his advanced years and medical concerns—had born fruit. He had opened his home and his heart to all three families. He had talked and laughed with each person, and he had shown them unconditional love. In turn, he was adored by young and old. Not only was he flourishing in his old age, he was still green.

This is promised to the righteous because with God’s help they treat people well. They build relationships. They are happy and generous. They are fun to be with.

It’s not always easy to be generous with relationships. In fact, it can be downright trying. Time is at a premium. Life is busy. We often find a circle of friends and fail to reach out beyond that. But no matter our age, there’s still time to make an impact on those around us. Let’s show love beyond our comfort zones. Let’s stretch and reach and welcome in Jesus’ name. Green plants are still growing. Stay green.

Today’s One Thing

Make it a priority to invest in relationships. Open your heart and home to someone new or in need today.

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