Straightforward – Life is Hard

If you are [insert a one-word personal description], life is hard. How long did it take to insert the above answer – was it a split second or longer? Perhaps you chose a description regarding your financial status, intelligence or physical or emotional well-being. It may have taken longer than it should, and you may still be thinking of an answer. Regardless of your answer, Christ has overcome the world.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

─ John 16:33 ESV

Jesus informed His disciples, “You will have tribulation.” This is not a promise to be fulfilled; it is a fact of life affirmed by the wisest of all – Jesus. Defining yourself by age, employment, status, race, title, ethnicity or intelligence does not give any of us a “free pass.” As you know – life can be difficult. 

Courage and resilience are traits available through the Lord to help you get back up and move forward. Self-resilience is seasonal and limited, but resilience from the Lord is unending. He has given you the Holy Spirit to help guide, protect and direct you.

God’s strength is realized in your weakness and through your trust in Him. 

The Lord does not expect you to develop your resilience independently. Christ has given you the Holy Spirit to make things right, give direction and protect you from something you don’t need to encounter. Your faith in Him provides the courage for your next step and strengthens your mental and emotional fortitude to endure and walk through the challenges life throws you. 

The key is your faith in the Lord. The Lord will reveal His method of resolving your concerns and challenges. His plan is the best. Resolution may occur instantly, or it may take longer. Be steadfast in your faith and trust in the Lord; He will give you the courage and resilience you need to face life’s challenges. 

Today’s One Thing

Read Matthew 7:7-11. Pray by implementing the acronym ASK. 

Ask the Lord and make your request known to Him. 

Seek the Lord’s guidance and direction. 

Knock with perseverance and confidence that the Lord will hear your request, provide you the direction and see your righteous diligence. 

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