Taking Refuge – Out of the Downpour

Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm – the rain pouring down so hard you could barely see 100 yards in front of you? Perhaps you were caught outside when the rain poured, and you quickly rushed to safety inside a building, house or car. As soon as you entered the dry facility, you wiped the rain from your face, sighed in relief and indulged in the safety and protection of the facility keeping you from being pelted by the rain.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

─ Psalm 34:8 ESV

Life’s storms can hit you in a similar way. You may be going about your business and life normally, or perhaps you anticipated potential chaos because of variables out of your control. Then suddenly – wham – and the storm hits.

Consider the initial question and example, when you entered the dry facility, you were still wet, but you were no longer in the downpour even though you could see the rain coming down. Protected, you were able to dry off and relish in the peace from the storm that the facility provided.

Perhaps life’s storms have caused you to feel fear, doubt or discouragement. Without question, these items can hit hard and make life miserable, but the Lord can give you peace. When you focus and trust in the Lord and take refuge in Him, He provides the best shelter and will keep you safe and protected.

The Lord is the protection you need to keep you safe and shielded.

The Lord is your rock and promises to give you strength. Yes, storms will come in different shapes and sizes, but He is always available for you. When unexpected or anticipated life storms hit, the Lord is the protection you need to keep you safe and shielded.

Seek the Lord all the time, especially during storms and joyful moments, and you will discover a sigh of relief and peace that is only explained by the awesomeness the Lord provides.

Today’s One Thing

Thank the Lord for His protection and meditate on Psalm 18:1-2.

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