Talent Scouts

Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.

—Isaiah 43:4

Ballet teacher Cindy Bradley eyed the thirteen-year-old girl who’d been watching the dancers in her class from the bleachers for two weeks. The girl was shy, short and black. She was not typical ballerina material. But Cindy couldn’t quit thinking about how the teenager had a naturally fluid motion when she climbed the risers. Cindy knew talent when she spotted it. And she was willing to bet this girl had it. Shoving the ballet industry’s preconceived notions aside, Cindy set out to coax a young Misty Copeland onto the dance floor. Today Misty is a prima ballerina, who twirls in an international spotlight.

Jesus loved to affirm the value of the overlooked and underestimated. Once while He was passing through a dusty Samarian town, Jesus spotted an ostracized harlot drawing water in the middle of the day. He saw what no one else saw: her value. Going against society’s rules, Jesus spoke to her. His affirmation changed how she viewed herself. Believing she was a woman of worth propelled her to speak boldly and change the hearts of others.

Many of us have never experienced the life-changing affirmation of a parent, teacher or employer. But God sees us. He treasures each one of us. We matter so much to Him that He takes drastic steps to remind us. Sometimes we see His adoration in His Word. Sometimes the affirmation comes through the kind word of another. And His ultimate love was shown to us on the Cross.

Today’s One Thing

Scout out one person you can encourage today, and ask the Lord to show you the best way to affirm their value in His sight.


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