The Blessing of an Apology

Nana watched from the side of the community pool as her daughter and toddler played. She overheard a father telling his elementary age son, “You have to apologize.” She looked in their direction just in time to see the mortified expression on the boy’s face.

The father proceeded to explain. “You go over to them and say, ‘I’m sorry’ – then wait for them to respond.” Without further protest, the son hung his head and his whole body drooped as he turned toward a group of kids and followed his father’s instruction.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

─ Matthew 5:9 ESV

An apology for something you’ve done, deliberately or by accident, can be painful to your pride. No one wants to make a mistake and you certainly don’t want to admit it to others. It takes humility to say, “I’m sorry.” But it’s necessary to experience the blessing Jesus promised that comes to the peace makers. 

When you choose peace, no one can deny God is your Father and you belong to Him.

Are you a peacemaker? Do you find it easier than most to apologize? It’s a learned skill. The more you do it in obedience to God, the less trouble you’ll have in doing it. Eventually it becomes a habit and finally a part of who you are because you’re learning to respond in the image of Christ.

Saying I’m sorry brings peace to your soul, no matter how the other party responds. If they accept your apology, then relationships can be restored. Either way, you please the Father. When you choose peace, no one can deny God is your Father and you belong to Him.

Today’s One Thing

Are you wrestling with turmoil in a relationship today? Ask the Father to help you go to that person and apologize (even if it’s not your fault). You never know what God may accomplish with your words – “I’m sorry,” until you say them. 

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