The Circumstance of Gratitude

It was kind of you to share my trouble.

Philippians 4:14 

Before Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters receded, four young teachers gathered in the parking lot of their Houston school to fill a laundry basket with new toiletries for one of their colleagues, who had lost everything. This woman was their mentor and friend, and she had always generously shared her classroom resources and tips. They wanted her to know how much she meant to them.

These generous women were all single mothers. They were women who struggled to make financial ends meet, women who faced days of lost pay and struggles of their own because the severe weather had forced the temporary closure of their school.

Yet as they pooled their scanty resources and gave to someone in greater need, they showed that true gratitude and generosity is not based on our circumstances.

When Paul wrote this letter to the Philippians, he was writing to a group of people who were so grateful for the Good News he had shared with them that saying thank you didn’t seem like enough. So they took up a collection and sent it to Paul. The gift did not come out of their abundance, but out of their gratitude.

When God gave the gift of His Son, the world was in dire circumstances. The cost of such an extravagant sacrifice would be great. But God knew the only way to show His children how much we meant to Him was to give anyway.

Are you thankful? 

Today’s One Thing

Look around you. See the person in need of a meal, a warm coat, a friend? Give, not out of your abundance, but because of all that has been given to you.






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